Following are some links to sites which have music especially geared towards the very young all the way up through the teenage years which we think you would enjoy listening to. For more information on a particular CD or song, follow the links to go to their website. Praise Yahweh for beautiful voices, beautiful children!

  • I Have the Joy - click to go to their Praises for Yahweh website. They have produced an excellent Children's CD and you can listen to the songs here or go to their website for download and ordering information.
I Have the Joy The WaWa Song
I Love You Yah In His Time
Butterfly Song Behold What Manner
Arky Arky Washed in the Blood
Children of Yahweh In Yahweh's Army


  • Two families have joined together to produce a CD entitled Sheep in the Wilderness. But they are in the process of creating a new website. As soon as they are online, we will post the link here. (The links for the songs below do not work at present.)
L-O-V-E Jonah's Trials
Sheep in the Wilderness
Tell It Again Amen Praise Yahweh
This Little Light/Give Me Oil The Ten Commandments
The Faith Song Yahweh Be Glorified




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