We hope you're enjoying this website for Yahweh's children! Please contact us with comments and/or questions and may Yahweh bless you all!

Historically, there have been very few activities for children within the sacred name organizations. Many diligent parents have been on their own to come up with activities and such to help our children learn from a scriptural standpoint. In today’s very hectic world, we have heard many folks saying how nice it would be to have material available for the children to use on a daily basis, especially those who are blessed to be home-schooled. Encourage everyone to get and stayed involved as a family in your day-to-day lives as well as Assembly lives.

We know how important children of all ages are to our society, our environment and, most importantly, our Assemblies. They are our leaders of tomorrow! How can they lead if they are not taught how to lead!

None of the activities are age-specific. You know your child/ren better than anyone else and if s/he is too young for a given project, perhaps you can do it as a family.

Over the past months, we have developed several areas where we believe an interest lies for children and families. We are endeavoring to make this a comprehensive website for children; one where the older children can actually go to the site on their own to read, study, and possibly assist their younger siblings.

This site is laid out as follows:

Bible Books: We will be reading various books of the Bible in their entirety, which are put on the site from different versions of Scriptures to familiarize the readers with using different versions. We insert the true Sacred Names of Yahweh and Yahshua in every version. We have put a number of Bible Books online (click on the tab at the top of this Home Page), and will be adding more. In addition, we’ve added items in the midst of the stories to give the reader a break and something to think about or do. At the end of several chapters, there is a quiz. We will leave each book online, and just start with another book in the same fashion. This is an effective teaching tool!

Critters: One area so many children enjoy learning revolves around animals—all Yahweh’s critters (and there are so many)! We will focus on different animals and provide true information about each of them including things such as what they eat, where they live, and so forth. There may be activities included on these pages as well. You can let us know if there is an animal you would like included.

Feast Days: This is an area where you seldom see information for children. Sometimes, we expect them to understand things way over their heads. We have attempted to present information on all of Yahweh’s set-apart days and seasons in a manner easily understood. These pages are currently active all year to assist parents in working with their children.

For Kids By Kids: Children should be encouraged to submit articles, coloring pages, poems, mazes and the like which are scripturally-oriented. This is where we will place those items with credit to the child, unless directed otherwise. We will keep this page updated as often as the children submit items for it.

General Fun: We have put coloring pages, word games, crossword puzzles, math games and other activities here. Since we encourage our children to actually color or write, these are not interactive pages. You must print them out to do them. When children do things well, they like to be encouraged and a pat on the head or a “good job” goes miles for their outlook on their family and life. You may even want to keep a folder for each child so they (and you) can see how they’ve progressed.

Youth Messages: These are messages given by the youth over the years. Sometimes children learn better when their peers are speaking. We have some tremendous youth within the Assemblies, with insight, at times, greater than their years!

Music: No website would be complete without some music and, in this case, we are putting some excellent music online, especially for our younger folks!

Sabbath Studies: Since we have a Correspondence Course for young adults and adults, (which can be accessed here), it is only natural that we should have some Sabbath studies for the children. These studies are in a format that will be most beneficial for you to print and work on as a family. Just click on Sabbath Lessons (on the right hand side menu). 

Writing Aids: Our Assembly was provided with a book of lettering exercises to assist the younger children with learning how to write. These materials will look familiar to most parents; however, they are based upon Yahweh's Word.

It is our prayer that this website will be used by Yahweh’s people all over the world. Please do your part and spread the word about the site. Should you have any questions on anything presented in the website, or if you would like to make a comment, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Should you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas for the website, or any difficulty using it, please send an e-mail to advise us by clicking here and someone will get back to you, usually within a day or so. This resource was formulated, and is maintained free of charge for Yahweh's children and for Yahweh's glory!



Go to our main website:  https://www.yaim.org/web to read articles, listen to music, watch Sabbath service videos, and find resources, e.g. free Bible software, etc. In the future, we will dispense with whole chapter lessons. We will soon be uploading stories from the Scriptures, with challenges to follow.  Coming soon!!

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